• Do You Know the Usage of Stretch Film? Sep 01 , 2022
    Do You Know the Usage of Stretch Film? 1. Pallet packaging: wrap the goods on the pallet to form a whole to prevent loosening, collapse and deformation during turnover in the factory or during logistics and transportation; and play the role of waterproof, dust-proof and anti-theft.   2. Carton packaging: The use of wrapping film as a packaging film can protect the carton from rain and wetness, and at the same time avoid the loss of scattered objects inside the carton caused by violent express delivery.   3.Product surface protection: Because the wrapping film has good self-adhesion, it will not form glue residue on the wrapped object. It can be attached to smooth surfaces such as glass, building materials, ceramics, doors and windows, etc. to prevent being scratched by sharp objects.     How to choose a good stretch film? First of all, the tensile strength, toughness, retractability, puncture resistance and self-adhe...

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