Current situation analysis and prospect report of adhesive tape products industry in China Jun 10

Current situation analysis and prospect report of adhesive tape products industry in China

Adhesive tape, commonly known as adhesive tape, is composed of base material, adhesive and release paper (film). It has the basic functions of sealing, connection, fixation and protection. With the improvement of production technology, it has further expanded to a variety of composite functions such as waterproof, insulation, conductivity, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in daily life and industrial activities.

         According to the report on current situation analysis and development prospect of China adhesive tape products industry released by China Economic Zhisheng, there are nearly 1500 adhesive tape products manufacturers in China. Among them, there are about 10 enterprises producing and selling adhesive tape products above Designated Size (with an annual main business income of more than 500million yuan). The supply of adhesive tape products is calculated as the output plus the import-export balance. In 2020, the output of adhesive tape products in China was 28.458 billion square meters, and the trade surplus was 4.681 billion square meters. Therefore, the domestic market supply was 23.777 billion square meters.



  Adhesive tape products are widely used as end consumer goods or industrial materials because they have the characteristics of long-lasting high viscosity, only need to exert pressure during application, do not need water, solvent or heating process, have firm adhesive force, and have sufficient cohesion and elasticity. Therefore, the market demand is increasing year by year.   


   Due to weak innovation technology, domestic adhesive tape products enterprises in China have been suppressed by internationally renowned adhesive tape enterprises for a long time. With the emergence of special demand for tapes in downstream related industries in the future, such as medical tapes, automotive harness tapes, etc., the demand of the whole industry will increase.



In the first two quarters of 2021, China's economic growth will be very strong. Although the blockades and activity restrictions caused by repeated epidemics in some major economies pose continuing challenges to the global economy, China's economic growth goals will still be achieved. Economic growth will not only drive the development of adhesive tape products industry, but also drive the demand for adhesive tape products from downstream industries such as electronics, communications, packaging, construction, paper-making, woodworking, aerospace, automobile, textile, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing and medical treatment, so as to promote the development of the entire adhesive tape products industry.


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