• New Product Recommend: Easy Tear Stationery Tape Apr 14 , 2022
         New Product Recommend: Easy Tear Stationery Tape Easy Tear Stationery Tape is a tape specially designed for home, office, and school use, Tearable Tape can be for Office Tapes and Packaging Tapes. No need for a dispenser, no need for scissors, no need a knife, and the tape can be torn off with fingers easily. It is used for carton sealing (Easy Tear Packaging Tape), paper mending, gift wrapping, DIY jointing & splicing.  Welcome to know more about this product, now we have a competitive price with good quality.    Our factory, Fujian Youyi Adhesive Tape Group Co., Ltd was founded in 1986 and has equipped with 100 sets of Bopp tape coating lines. Our main products are BOPP Film, BOPP Tape, PVC tape, masking tape, double-sided tape, kraft tape, foam tape, cloth tape and etc. Welcome to get more information from us,
  • Here Are All the Tapes You Want Sep 29 , 2022
    Here Are All the Tapes You Want   In ordinary life, the value of tape is limited to "the adhesion of things", and may be devalued because the viscosity is not enough to achieve the desired effect. But in different industries, we are different kinds of tape can make their mark in one world. What kind of tape do you want? To better protect the various objects in different packages, or to meet the effect you want to achieve, it is necessary to purposefully choose the tape that suits the temperament of the object.   1. BOPP sealing tape Carton sealing tape (clear and beige and other shades). The sealing tape is made of BOPP film (also known as BOPP tape), coated with acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, and dried. Features: high transparency, good safety; easy to use; strong viscosity, not easy to break, no glue overflow, good performance; no discoloration, no deterioration, can be cut into different widths, different lengths, and colors according to...

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