Learn PVC Electrical Tape in One Minute Apr 21 , 2022

PVC Electrical tape

PVC Electrical tape is an economical general purpose insulating tape that has excellent resistance to moisture, abrasion and corrosion. It is used to insulate electrical wires, insulate other materials that conduct electricity and make minor repairs to damaged wires. Electrical tape is commonly made from vinyl due to its elongation properties. There are also many additional purposes such as securing wire bundles.

  PVC Electrical tapes use soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film as a carrier and coating with pressure-sensitive adhesive. 

  Our PVC Electrical tapes can be used in many ways: traditionally for insulation, as conductive tapes for shielding, or for flame retardant. All products are characterized by different mechanical properties, such as high tensile strength and abrasion resistance, electromagnetic properties, and waterproofing. This diversity allows us to fulfill most demands.   

  Our factory, Fujian Youyi Adhesive Tape Group Co., Ltd was founded in 1986 and has equipped with 100 sets of Bopp tape coating lines. Our main products are BOPP Film, BOPP Tape, PVC tape, masking tape, double-sided tape, kraft tape, foam tape, cloth tape and etc. Welcome to get more information from us,

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