Application of Washi Tape Dec 30 , 2021

In the handicraft world, there is a magical paper tape that can be called a golden hand, and it is the versatile "washi tape". Compared with ordinary masking tape, the surface of washi tape is changed to paper. The advantage is that it is easy to tear off and does not leave glue residue. Washi tape is generally produced in various colors, so it is widely used for pasting paper, beautification, layout, DIY, and other purposes.

Do you want to know the universal use of washi tape? Let's unlock the most complete posture of washi tape together!

1.     Decoration for Journal

Decorating handbooks is the most common method of washi tape, which makes blank notebooks more colorful and lifelike.

2.     Making Greeting Cards

Using paper tape to create shapes or patterns on greeting cards can also be used to wrap gifts, make cards, postcards, etc.



3.     Decorative bottles and jars

Decorating the vase according to the color of the flowers,

With different washi tapes, it won’t be repeated every day.

4.     Index stickers

Using washi tape as index stickers for your notebook

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